Feb 1, 2013

The flag of Mongolia // Mongolian Flag

Flag of Mongolia
The flag of Mongolia kept the red color of its former communist regime. But the star that symbolized it was withdrawn at its fall. The yellow Soyombo is an old Mongolian symbol representing both the elements of Earth, but also the sun, the moon and the Ying Yang. Finally, the blue refers to Mongolia sky.

Jan 30, 2013

The Flag of Danemark // Danish Flag

The Danish FlagThe flag of Denmark is the source of most of the flags of the Nordic Europe countries. Also called Dannebrog, he appeared in the eyes of Valdemar the Victorious in a battle against the Estonians. After the victory, it was adopted as a national symbol and inspired flags of Finland, Sweden, Norway or Iceland.

Jan 14, 2013

The flag of Hong Kong // Hong Konger Flag

All about the flag of Hong Kong
The flag of Hong Kong consists of a white Blakeana Bauhinia flower on a red background. This background reminds the flag of the People's Republic of China, although when adopting that of Hong Kong, this province was still under British domination, which only ended in 1997.

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